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Nestor Programme

The NESTOR programme depends on the Office of the Vice-Rector for Students and Employability.

Its aim is to support students in their integral learning process during their years of stay at the UdL by providing them with personal, academic and professional guidance that will allow them to make informed decisions throughout their degrees and as future professionals.

The basic elements of the Nestor programme are:

  • Welcome Sessions: Students starting bachelor's degrees at the UdL make their first contact with the University during the week prior to the start of each academic year. At these sessions the students learn about the organization of the courses and schools, and receive information about the main services, tools and facilities that they will use.
  • Tutorials: Meetings in which students and tutors interact. Students can find answers to their questions and receive support and counseling individually or in groups. click here to download the simple tutorial "Who is my tutor"
  • Workshops: Each school or faculty organizes non-curricular thematic workshops to suit the needs and demands of students. These workshops are free to students and help them in your education.

Faculty Coordination

You can find more information at Nestor Programme Document.