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Why study?

The interest of the double degree is justified on the basis of the acquisition of higher level of competitiveness and, therefore, a greater opportunity to enter the world of jobs. It allows to expand knowledge and professional exits in the health’s world.

The double degree does not mean taking twice as many credits. Its curriculum is designed to recognize the common subjects of both degrees, which will be taken uniquely, and the specifics of each one, which will be taken independently. In addition, the student will enjoy the time compatibility of the subjects, so that the planning will be much simpler and will not have to do any validation management.

This proposal requires a full-time dedication during the training stage, but will make it easier for students to complete both degrees in a minimum of five years, depending on the number of credits they choose per year.

Admission profile: the double Degree qualifies to practice the profession of general physiotherapist, understood as a health professional who helps prevent, restore and improve the functional state of people in their different stages of life, with preparation scientific and sufficient training so that they can assess, identify, diagnose and treat health problems from a physiotherapeutic approach.

For this reason, a set of comprehensive care based on methods, procedures, techniques and actions from a bio-psycho-social perspective will be used, which will favor the recovery, readaptation and improvement of the state of health in patients with different types of injuries, dysfunctions, disabilities or physical and functional limitations. In addition, it will also have a direct involvement in health prevention, promotion and maintenance services.

It also trains a general nursing professional, based on the definition developed by the International Nursing Council (ICD, 2014); where it defines that nursing training must train a professional who will be able to offer comprehensive care to the person, from the autonomous and collaborative role, to people, families and groups without having any personal, physical factor, cultural, social or economic as discriminatory. Being the axes of the profession the promotion of the health, the prevention of the illnesses and the treatment of ill people, with disability or in terminal situations of illness. Thus, the nursing function is to take care of healthy or sick people in all possible circumstances from the axes described above.

This double Degree, therefore, will ensure the acquisition of knowledge, skills and professional abilities, both common and specific to each profession, as well as promoting the global integration of these professional competencies, as well as research in the field of health Sciences.

Profile of the double degree student in Nursing and Physiotherapy. The double degree offers a specific and integrated training in the two disciplines, without detriment to the specific training of each, on the contrary, allows a professional with the ability to develop both roles, thus playing a relevant role in the multidisciplinary team being able to offer better quality and efficiency in the assessment and care of people by integrating the body of knowledge of nursing and physiotherapy.

Therefore, the double Degree in Nursing and Physiotherapy offers generalist quality training with special attention to the humanistic, professional and scientific preparation of our students.