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Double bachelor's degree: Grau en Infermeria i Grau en Fisioteràpia    

UdL's contingency plan for the academic year 202021


The University's finality is to train qualified professionals, according to the needs of an increasingly better-educated society that demands more services and, above all, of better quality and culturally sensitive, where the increase in life expectancy, increasse in dependence and chronicity of disease processes, make health care a complex process and where an approach from a comprehensive and interdisciplinary perspective is essential.

The Nursing and Physiotherapy Faculty of the UdL currently offers two degrees in the field of Health, Nursing and Physiotherapy, with a demand that far exceeds the supply of places and therefore we propose the Double Official Degree in Nursing and Physiotherapy, which we believe responds to the high demand for students to pursue these courses. The professional with this training will be able to work in different specific fields applying the knowledge acquired to the two courses independently, but also in those jobs in which a professional is required who must have the joint knowledge of both studies.